God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Sunday, November 30, 2008

25 days till the 25th

Its just around the corner.....and I have only one gift out of the dozen I need *sigh*

We just got the tree up though :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phillies in the world series!

They are currently just 2 outs away from being the 2008 World Series Champions!

I am super excited and we are on the edge of our seats!

one man on base 2 outs --- need just a double play!

Oh I can't watch

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last day

As I type this I am at the airport. Wifi is working for once! ok so I paid for it, but it is working :D

Today also started out late, with brunch at 11:30am. The day was beautiful but a little bit chilly. We arrived at the John Hancock building and entered the observatory at 12:15pm

The view was awesome! We were able to see Moody Bible Institute, take tons of pictures and just enjoy the view. (Pictures soon)

We caught up with a friend and spent the mid afternoon chilling at ING cafe' enjoying hot chocolate and capaccinos and each others company. Caught up on our lives and talked about TV shows we enjoy as well as other stuff.

At 5:30pm we met up with another friend, Miriam whos appartment I was staying in. We had dinner which was really good. After dinner I cut Miriam's hair and then I packed up the remaining articles of clothing, this laptop and headed to the train with Scott my brother.

I am now sitting in Midway airport waiting for my flight. The flight is a continuation flight so the aircraft isnt even at the gate yet. Flight leaves at 9:45pm and arrives in Philadelphia at 12:40am.

I had such a good time here in Chicago and was so happy to enjoy Scotts company as well as some new and old faces while here.

I can't wait to add pictures to all these posts, it will complete the whole experience for you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today started out with brunch at 10:30am. Afterwards we and 10 other Moody students took an adventure to the Shedd Aquarium. During the walk from the train to the aquarium it started to rain and by the time we arrived it was comind down pretty hard.

We spent a couple hours ther and then walked back to the train in the rain which was pouring by then. Got quite soaked.

The rain messed up our plans for the rest of the day and we sat around trying to decide what to do for some time till my brother called a friend up and they decided to go to the movies. I caught up on emails while they made a decision on which movie to go see. We ended up watching "Eagle Eye" which was pretty good. I enjoyed it, the boys made a good choice. :)

After the movie we went to this coffee shop thing [on the way we got lost and walked like a mile or more out of the way and then had to turn back and go the right direction!] we hung our with some former and current Moody students, played card games, ate food etc.

The walk back to the train was uneventful. I am now in a new building and new room for my last night in Chicago.

My flight is scheduled to leave tomorrow at 9:45pm so I should leave for the airport around 7:00pm

Tomorrow if the day is good the plan is to go to the Hancock Observatory. Brother needs to sleep so we won't go to brunch until later on (sometime before 11:45am).

All in all this has been a great adventure once again and I am enjoying it. I can't wait to go home and see my friends, goats and family (not particulary in that order ;) )

Since it is after 12:30am now on Tuesday morning I should close and get some sleep.

God is good!

written on Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day started bright and early --- ok early is relative -- and we left for church at 8:30am

Spent the morning enjoying normal church activities, Sunday School and morning worship and the message.

After church we had plenty of "chill" time, there was a birthday party for a high school girl, we also watched some TV show rerun and I at some point passed out on the couch in the church office for about an hour. I regained consciousness and almost got sat on by 3 boys - rather hysterical to see their faces when they realized there was a girl on the courch who they all almost sat on. LOL

In the evening was Youth Group. The activity with the Junior High was "4 men on the couch." our team lost all 3 or was it 4 games -- not sure but I do kow we didnt win a game! it was still fun though. :D

I am now back in teh dorm wishing there was a way to get internet access but the available wireless connection must be overwhelmed because it wont let me connect (even free public WiFi) rather sad :(

Tomorrow should eb a bit more exciting. The plan is to go to the Aquarium after brunch and ti seems that quite a few of my brother's friends were going to go as well so we will hang with them.

I think there are some other ideas in the plans to, but who know what will actually happen.

I miss my friends back in NJ but I am having fun here with my brother and that is what counts.

Well still no luck on the internet connection and since it is after 12:00am I probably shoudl call it a night and hope for better results tomorrow.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Walking and walking and oh wait MORE walking

I forgot toothpaste -- lets walk to Wallgreens. Walk back to the Moody for lunch. We have tickest to see "Wicked" at the Broadway in Chicago (Ford's theater) at 2:00 walk for about an hour - get slightly lost so a little extra walking.

The play was so much fun. Music is catchy -- I know what I will be adding to my ipod :)

On our walk back to Moody we stopped to do a little shopping and get something to eat for dinner. Chilled in the dorms for a bit then went back out because I needed a bath towel (forgot to pack one) and it was still an early night.

I am now back in the dorm and ready for bed. My feet are so tired! Still no pictures because I didnt have my camera with me today -- they don't alow photography in the theater so I left it back in the dorm. I was rather disapointed because we saw some cool stuff today in the city and I would have loved to capture it. Oh well. I plan to bring it tomorrow with me to church.

Sending out a shout to all my friends and family back at home. Love yah

Day one in Chicago

So my flight wasnt so bad ---- sat next to a gentle man who was every bit just that, which was refreshing.

Ended up sitting on the runway for 30 minutes before take off but with a nice tail wind we arrived ontime (actually 5 minutes early) at Midway in Chicago.

Brother was a little late but we met at the train and headed to the college. The girls are nice who I am staying with :D and even if they weren't I cant complain. It is only 5.00 a night :)

Today we went out to eat and now I am catching up on emails. Tomorrow is suppose to be a little more exciting. We have tickets to see the broadway play "Wicked" at 2:00pm. I am excited to see it.

I will try to post pictures but for now I dont have any :( it was dark for the plane ride so I chose to just listen to my ipod and dose.

More later, night

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Its Fall

So I am embracing Fall for all its worth. I so wish I had pictures to share but I don't at the moment. Maybe later on I will take some pictures of the woods in its fall glory.

The weather has actually been warm the past 3 days. I have been working though so I havent been able to enjoy it unfortunatly. :(

The goats are all extra rambunctious and that is probably due to their new smaller digs. This is sad but part of the plan until we can make a new bigger pen. I am rather frustrated at the slow progress though and I wish I had more control over what gets done on a daily basis. But due to my lack of muscles and know how nothing can get done unless my dad and brothers do it. I need to be greatful but it certainly is hard at the moment due to the year long process this is taking!

Hope isn't settling in as fast as I would like. She isnt a total outcast with the herd but she wont accept them as companions. All she wants is me and I am getting rather tired of being her security blanket! She acts like a lost kitten or a baby when I leave her line of sight. All she wants is to be in my way. The little bugger is getting on my nerves! The only thing keeping her here is the fact that I do want to show her. She has great potential but hopefully not more work then it is worth.

Last week I went to look at another doe (this one an adult) and I put a deposit on her. She will stay to be bred and I will pick her up once we are sure she settled. Probably sometime in December.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ahh the days are getting shorter

Now I have to figureout what I can do during the day when it isnt light out. :(

I survive my days at work because I know that I can enjoy the outdoors afterwards but now *snif* I can't.

Along with the days getting shorter I am battling the fall chill. Brrrr!! I know it is only going to get worse but boy I am not liking it already! I think the only good thing about fall is the enjoyment of bonfires. There is nothing like sitting by a fire with your front burning up while your back is chilly. The very best hotdogs are those that are roasted over a bonfire, almost heavenly! There is just something tasty about them being cooked that way.

I am trying to think of other good things about the fall, yet I am coming up short. *sigh*

Yah know I havent been on a hayride in ages, now that would be awesome!

Video of girls

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whats life without one more goat ;)

Hope arrived yesterday afternoon. Angie, Sweet Pea and Mia are not sure what to make of her. She is more attached to people so the poor thing is a little stressed out right now :(

She is beautiful and I love her already. Which of course makes me mad at Mia and Sweet Pea who are being nasty. Time is all she and they need though.

Oh Lord please don't let them act like Jasper did to Angie though! I don't want to have to part with anymore.
Hope is only 5 months old so she won't be bred till fall 2009. I can't wait to show her though in the spring/summer of 2009! I know that Angie turned some heads and I would love for her to do the same.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Spiritual Life

Wow so much to say but nothing to say at the same time. God has been so much at work in my life I don't know where to start.

First off I have to praise Him for His faithfulness to me dispite how I waver in my trust. The fact that God would love little me is just crazy, but he does. And He has worked so much in my heart in the past few weeks to months to encourage me to see myself as He sees me "loved by Him and precious in His sight." That is much easier said then done. It means dieing to ones self -- which is never easy. Allowing God to come in an fill in all the void.

He has placed friends and family in my way every time I try to turn from his loving arms in fear. Why fear love? Because it is an uncertainty, something I can't control. He chose people who just stood their ground and helped me to see that people can love someone like me dispite myself. He has shown me that He loves me through answers to prayer and through continual support through emotional times.

He has also used songs. Especialy "Hope Now" by Addison Road, "You" by Britt Nicole, "Today is the Day" by Lincoln Brewster and a handful of others to sooth my tired and aching soul and give me peace that only He can provide.

My continual prayer is that God would help me to continue to see myself as He does and to remember all the lessons He has taught me in the past week especially, dispite the road ahead.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

video of goats before I sold Jasper and Aspen


"Dancing" Goats


Spiritual Lessons from Nature

While out on an aerobic walk with my dog, Lucky, I spotted what I first thought was a bird. "How strange" I thought as it was dusk. As this unknown flying animal darted here and there I caught a glimpse of it from below against the evening sky and of course it was not a bird but a bat.

Bats are cool creatures in my mind. I got to thinking about bats and how they can't see (well) yet they choose to fly at night, "uh not smart!" at least one would think that, BUT of we know that God has given them something special so that they can navigate through the darkness - Sonar. They send out a sonar signal which bounces off of things and their ears pick up the reverberations and they can find food and no bump into things.

I got to thinking how this can be like our lives. As I try to navigate through the darkness of this world I am blind. Yet with prayer (my sonar) I can "bounce" off of Christ and He then tells me where to go and how to move through the darkness so I don't bump into things (make those dangerous choices in life that can harm me).

Now if the bat chose to one day not use its sonar or to not listen to the reverberations what do you think will happen? Not pretty! Instead of seeing them flitter and flutter through the sky I would have seen the poor bat go "splat." Not a pretty sight.

Same goes for us in our lives. If I chose to not listen to what Christ's answers are or His direction my life will not be pretty. Take that a step further and I can also say what if I instead of using prayer (my sonar), I get my direction from others? (no direct correlation to bats here sorry) I will not receive an accurate reading of what is really happening.

Keep your eyes and heart fixed on Christ, He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Changes around End of the Line Farm

Well Jasper my beloved pet wether and Aspen my first nigerian dwarf have found a new home together. I do miss them and the other girls (except Angie) do as well.

Angie just parades around the pen so happy with herself that she doesnt have to run from Jasper anymore.

Another reason Angie parades around stems from her big show win on Saturday. She won Grand Champion Junior doe!

She is still the darlingest thing though and I love her to pieces.

Coming soon to join the three girls (Mia, Sweet Pea & Angie) is Hope.

I am really excited to add her to my breeding and show herd. Hope is still a baby and wont be bred till Fall 2009 but I plant to spoil her plenty before then.

The barn is coming along so nicely that I can't contain my excitement about moving in. My dad was like "we are building this big barn and you are selling all your goats" oops. Well I plan to use every inch of this new bigger barn to its fullest and the best way to do that is to have fewer goats.

I guess I have always wanted this large herd and it made me feel slightly important. But I have learned that less is more and I can enjoy each one more because of the time I can spend with them.

I cant believe that in a couple months I will be thinking of breeing season. AHHHH But until then I will enjoy my summer and reflect on all the changes in the past 4 months and know that I am blessed.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My barn is almost complete

With rapid speed and dilligent hands my father and brothers made a huge dent in the work that needs to be done to complete the new goat barn.

Here are some more pictures to show off their handy work

Thursday, July 31, 2008

what would life be without goats

Miss Mia is getting so much better on the milking stand. She stands so nicely and even will reach her head back as far as she can (which is nothing lol) to sniff me, this is something they do to their kids and is a sign of affection. :D

She also learned where the treats are and will not go back into her pen without one! I am running dangerously low on treats :-o and she is not going to be happy once I run out.

Poor Angie still gets beat up, I keep reminding myself that Mia when through the same thing and she servived. But Gigi's pitiful little "maa" makes me so sad. It is almost like "mom how can you leave me in here" but then again she is a drama queen and knows I will give her extra special attention --- watch out Diva Mia you have competition!

I am working on drying Aspen off, she was my highest producer and isnt drying off easily. But I really dont mind and the cats and dogs are thrilled with the special treat of her milk. The cats are becoming so use to it that they now expect it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

OH wow

I can't believe it has been so long since I updated this.

Lets do the quick lowdown.

Aspen kidded with twins a buck and doe. Her son tragically died of undetermined causes at 6 weeks of age. Her daugher is now living the life in her new home.

Sweet Pea kidded with quads -- yes quads. Had to bottle feed one, and hold her to nurse another while she gladly took care of two herself. I dont want quads again!

Flicka kidded in the wee hours of Mothers Day morning with triplets, 2 girls and a boy. She had trouble caring for them while at my place but in her new home she and her kids have thrived and I know selling her was the best thing for her. I still miss her beautiful face.

Misty kidded a single buckling who was dead at birth. She slowly recovered and when healthy enough she went on to her new home and is spoiled.

Destiny kidded a single doeling (wahoo a girl from her!). I decided to go out of the pygmies all together so she was sold and today left to join Misty in her new home.

Mia kidded a single buckling (BIG boy) and needed assitance to deliver him. She was of course a great mom and is now learning how to stand good to be milked -- we are making great progress.

Angie (aka Gigi or Miss G) joined us memorial day weekend. She is now just under 6 months old and a little spunk of a thing. She knows how to get out of the pen but thankfully stays in most of the time. She is my second registered doe.

I explored showing on June 8th. I continued this new adventure on July 12th bringing along Sweet Pea and her two daughters.

On July 3rd my dad and brothers began the barn building project. It is coming along nicely and I am excited about the final result. Along with the new barn I am going to get a new pen as well for them. This will make kidding time much easier for me and the goats.

Well I hope to be more faithful from here on out with the boring details of my life with goats and whatever else.

Monday, April 28, 2008

On Cloud Nine

Aspen at aprox 6 am this morning gave birth to two beautiful kids. A boy and a girl. They are the light of my life right now! I am so thrilled with twins I could reach the sky.

Of course she had to choose the wettest day we have had in a long time. It poured all day long.

It was so peaceful just sitting there for hours playing with the kids, having them sleep in my lap, next to me or jumping on my legs.

Watching Aspen mother them and try to keep her eyes on each of the kids was so much fun. They didn't seem to mind that they were being cooped up because of the rain their 4x4 space seemed to keep them occupied.

So I now have added one girl and one boy to my herd. Above is Hans my handsome little guy. And to the right is Miss Minuet.

Minuet and Hans -- loving siblings =)

Monday, April 21, 2008


This is Tennesee the horse I ride. I thought you might enjoy seeing him.

This is Jasper my wether. He loves to give me kisses. Jasper is almost 2 years old. He is a mutt goat and I love him to death

Me and the girls. From left to right; Mia, Aspen, Destiny and Misty

"so mom how do I get down?"

The goats current pen and shelter. New barn is coming soon!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"All in a days work"

The above statement was made by my grandmother as I walked slowly past her deck on my way inside. Darkness had descended a while before and it was getting hard to see simple things.

My brothers and I had worked feverishly to clean out the goatshed as daylight drew to an end, I cleaned up the tools after our hard labor relieved that everything is now ready for kids to arrive. As I dished out feed for each goat I was scrapping the bottom of the barrel. So as they ate I was off to the shed, first to take some old lumber to the pile, then inside to grab a hook to fix the hay manger. I placed the bags of feed in the wheel barrow and back to the goats. I am mixing feed to save money so as the girls enjoyed the alfalfa pellets I gave them I scooped out feed and mixed it by hand in the barrel. Now we are past dusk as I grab water buckets, dump them and start scubbing. As the last little flicker of light is going I am able to see enough to know that each bucket is full of clean fresh water I put the scrub brush away, grab the fly spray bottle and its refil concentrate and off into the house. Not enough light to read the mixing directions, will have to do that inside.

Yes she is right.........."it's all in a days work"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh am I in heaven?

I was able to go riding yet again this week! This ride was longer and a faster pace. The morning was beautiful it is so hard to describe!

Later on I tried out my new milking stand. None of the girls (or Jasper) were to thrilled with it. I litterally had to pick each goat up and place it on the stand. Misty just about made me loose my sanctification! UGH dumb goat.

But boy did the milking stand save my back..........hmm or did it since I had to pick each one up at around or above 55lbs each! Well it was certainly less of a dance with each goat as I was able to stand and pick up their hooves, trim each one and their head was restrained. Of course they got extra grain to keep them happy while they stood there, if they chose to eat it. Some of them were to worried about trying to get out then eating. I never will understand a goat. *shakes head*

10 days till Aspen and Sweet Pea are due! I can't believe End of The Line Farm's first kids will be on the ground soon! check out my website http://www.endofthelinefarm.com/ These of course are not my very first kids but the first registered kids with my farm name!

I also just made the decision to purchase another registered doe. It is a big decision for me and I still haven't written out the deposit check and mailed it but I hope to do that tomorrow. I am hoping I am making a good decision purchasing her sight unseen. But her picture is so cute and her lines are really good and her kids look awesome. I can't afford to take a trip to NY just to check her out so I have to make this decision based on what I can see via pictures and pedigree. She looks promising and I purchased Sweet Pea sight unseen too and for some reason that wasn't as hard to do as this one. I get excited one moment and then concerned the next. I think the gas price is what is making it so hard. She is 3 hours from me. Oh well I just need to stop worrying. I have prayed about it but not sure about the answer! Oh why can't things just be clear.

Uh oh I am rambling, not good.

Unfortunately that was the end of my beautiful day as work took up the rest of it till now. Tomorrow is another day though and I have lots to do.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Early April Musings

Oh how I love warm weather! the things I can get accomplished are numerous!

For starters I got half the goat pen cleaned out. That took me 2 days to accomplish. I expect the back pen and the shed to take me a couple more days. It is back breaking work but I enjoy it....maybe I will gain some arm muscules while I am at it, can't beat that. :D

12 days till my first does are due! I can't believe it is almost here! But I certainly am not ready. Still need to clean out the kidding stalls and get my kidding supplies ready. I try to be organized and ready.

Spring life isnt' all about the goats though. The garden preparation is in full swing. Working in the garden with the sun on your back is such an awesome thing, makes me almost giddy with excitement for the warmer days ahead. I missed the garden last year and though it is a lot of work I wouldn't trade it in for anything. Today I was able to finnish making trellis netting for all the trellises. This will make growing tomatoes, beans and squashes much easier as they grow up it instead of all on the ground.

Along with gardening there are short and long trail rides on horse back to be enjoyed. The forrest still looks like winter as you ride on through unless you take it a bit slower and look really close and then you can see the leaf buds on the ends of the huckleberry bushes and brush, in no time the forrest will be bursting alive with bright green color, it is like one day you wake up to it. That always sends a thrill through me.

But until then the anticipation will have to hold me over. There is a lot to anticipate, warm continuous weather, kids, green forrest..........oh how I love spring!

Monday, March 31, 2008

What an exhilarating day!

Started out with some spring cleaning, oh what a wonderful word – spring. It was beautiful today in the high 50s and eventhough it looked dreary it didn't rain.

Adding to the blessings of the day I was able to go on a horseback ride for a couple hours. Boy how I have missed ridding. My previous work and school schedule made it impossible to do so last year. Even through our slow pace I was able to feel the power of Tennessee as he just gently moved, it was invigerating. Not much better then feeling one with a horse. I can't wait to go riding again. The only missing part was some birds, it tends to get really quiet in those woods where we ride.

At the very end of my day it was capped off at feeding time. I couldn't resist checking for movent of kids as I always do each day usually without much luck. Tonight was different. On each doe I checked I was able to feel kid/s moving! What an experience. No matter how many years I raise goats feeling the miracle of life inside still amazes me. Sweet Peas kid/s were really active still gives me chills oh what a wonderful thing!! Leaves me on cloud 9

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh how I love spring!

Spring has come! The grass is getting greener the goats are getting wider and the fencing is being built. Yup we have some major fence construction going on. Our whole entire yard has to be refenced and my parents decided on picket fencing. It is going to look so nice when finnished but it is going to be a long project till done.

Also in the works is a whole new pen for the goats and an addition on there shelter to make it into a barn. The new pen was started by myself last year but I ran out of steam with no extra man power. So this year my dad said he would help me out if I was willing to give up some of their current pen to give to the dogs. To me it was a nobrainer of a yes. There new pen will be 5 times bigger then their current pen.

Did a round of worming on the goaties today. I checked all their eyelids and there were light pink to very pale depending on the goat. A few of them need a follow up in 7-10 days. I love the never ending stuff about goats, keeps life going. I always wonder where I would be without them, probably not living an enjoyable life thats for sure. They certainly keep me going.

I guess some of you maybe wondering what draws me to goats. That is an honest question. Really it started out as a responsibilty 11 years ago and it grew to a love. Why? because goats dont talk back when you yell at them out of frustration, they don't get mad because you cried the entire time you were milking them. They could careless if you were dressed properly for the day or not as long as you give them a pet and a scratch and the all important grain for the day. They each have a personality that is unique to them. Shy, quiet, reserved, outgoing, bossy, prissy, bratty, just to name a couple. Each goat is more of a friend then an animal.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I guess some background would be good for the beginning.

My six does are: Destiny, Aspen, Mia, Misty, Flicka & Sweet Pea. Jasper is my adorable wether.


All 6 does are pregnant right now and due in less then 6 weeks. They already have cute baby bellies and it is getting me so excited to know what they have.

what does this all mean for me? Means I check each day for the movement of babies. Have you ever felt life move when unborn? It is the most awesome thing ever. Not every time can I feel the kid/s moving but I usualy get to feel it at least once per doe. 5 months takes forever! well of course not forever, but I don't have patience.

Despite my impatience I do enjoy this time. I try to soak in the moments that will pass all to quickly. Right now I am just so happy Sweet Pea is warming up to me after almost 7 months, pregnancy suits her well. ;)

In other news I was thrilled to have won on ebay a beautiful brandnew steal milking stand. This will make trimming hooves so much easier. Ok so how does a milking stand help with trimming hooves you ask? Haha well it is a stand that also has an attachement to restrain their head - basically helps to hold them still and brings them up to my level to reach their hooves. A wonderful contraption that costs over 200.00 but I was able to get for less! It should arrive within the next week. Once it arrives I will add pictures so you can see what I am talking about. Of course it will be useful in the milking of Sweet Pea my miniture dairy goat.