God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love getting updates

Today a lady I sold some goats to sent me updated pictures of them and I just have to share.

This is End of the Line State of Zen - daughter of a doe I own God's Love Farm Angie and mother to Phoenix Rising Flash Point (aka Spirit)

Then this is a daughter out of my buck CornerStone Farm Almon and the doe I sold her Little Wishes Cafe Mocha Her name is End of the Line Adoania

And her littermate brother - who will be a wether

Then this is also a doe out of CornerStone Farm Almon and Little Sleepy H Sweet Pea
End of the Line Amaryllis

Then my friend at Phoenix Rising Farm sent me this picture of End of the Line Atlantis who is out of Phoenix Rising Farm MaskOfZoro and Noah's Acre's Lola

I was very blessed with a nice kid crop this 2010 season I am so excited about what we will see in 2011! I have such high hopes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Final Fling Show 2010

Many thanks goes out to the Hunterdon County 4H and Teri Stanton and all private sponsors for putting on the show.  It was a blast and I enjoy getting together with all my breeder friends as well as "showing off" my two does.

I must say though that Ashley Turcotte of Phoenix Rising Farm is doing quite well for herself taking home 2 Grand Champion Sr doe wins with God's Love Farm Cloudy

1 Reserve Grand Champion Sr doe with Eastwind Farm Dorcas

as well as 1 Reserve Grand Champion Junior with Phoenix Rising Zenyatta

Here are some pictures of my does Noah's Acres Lola and Phoenix Rising Flash Point both placed well in their classes and I was pleased :D
placed 2nd and 3rd out of 5
Flash Point (aka Spirit) placed 5th and 6th out of 13
Here is Old Mountain Farm Ida Hot One owned by Ashley Turcotte - placed 6th in her class 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



So Kash my horse decided to spook today (what caused it is still a mystery).  He was tied to a post in front of the tack barn. I was inside the tack barn and heard a commotion and looked out to see him tearing off into the woods.  Trailing behind him and whacking his hind legs was the post.

Screamed for him to stop but that did no good.  Got the attention of some people around and we all took different directions to try and cut him off and keep him from going to far.

In no time at all I lost his tracks in the brush and didnt know where he had gone.  I couldnt hear a thing nor see any movement.  So I was getting discouraged and said a prayer that he would be found quickly and not seriously injured.

After what seemed like ages I heard my name being called and hurried back to the farm.  Was met halfway and told Kash was found and was being brought back but that he was injured and would need some attention.

I was just so relieved he was found and on his way home I just knew as long as he was walking we could fix him up.

My poor baby was only running for barely 5 maybe 10 min but he was soaked in sweat he looked black on his face.  He was trembling from head to hoof and breathing was very labored.  I just sweet talked him and tried to sooth him.

Kash has never liked being sprayed with fly spray and I had been told that water is also an issue so when I was told he needed to be hosed down and especially his wounds I was a bit nervous about how he would react.  But one everyone left the corral and I soothingly told him "mama would never do anything to hurt you" he finally stopped his nervous dancing and let me slowly soak him down with the cool water.  We did this for 20-30 min without incident and I was so proud of him.  Slowly his breathing slowed and he began to relax.  I decided I wanted to check for any injuries under his tail and gave the leadline to my friend's daughter and you could see the fear in his eyes he didnt want me to leave him.  Poor guy.  I just kept a hand on him and let him know I wasnt leaving him.

After a few phone calls the vet finally got back to us and it was determined that Bute and Blu-Kote was all he needed and unless his situation changed the vet said it wasnt necessary for him to come out.

I am going to post some photos of his nasty flesh wounds.  So if you are sickened by blood dont look (its not oozing blood but not pleasant).

And he took a chunk out of his one hoof

Monday, August 23, 2010

More quotes from Vacation 2010

"still out cold" - dad

"fly fishing in a retention pond, really dude?" - scott

"mom has a bunch of chinese children" - matt

"interpreting what?" - dad "your mind" - caleb

"not if my ninja's get them first" - scott

"caleb you saying matt screams like a girl?" -stacey "no he is saying you scream like a guy" - scott

"hey I was watching a daddy long leg" - matt

"I think it was in the spines family" - caleb

"the ocean is also better because if has minerals in it" - mom "and bird crap and fish crap" -caleb

"Hope springs....hope dies" - matt and scott

(sorry no quotes from 8/20)

"why is there no music?" - caleb

setting up the tent on the beach:
"steak anyone?" - mom
"no I prefer chicken" - dad
"Lier" - scott

"You are your own bad radio station" - scott

GPS says arrival 0:00am
"Oh look we shall arrive at no time at all" -scott

"Its the burmuda triangle of roads" -scott

"Its complicated just go with it" - scott (oh fruitland, fruitcake and fruitsnacks will never be the same thanks boys for a great laugh!)

Thats all folks - :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Boogie boarding should not be done in a two piece

I have no idea what this face is for

Scott was swimming with the waves
yah thats scott :P

Our last sunset here

well the rain almost messed up day 6

Rain was threatening all day and came through midday.  We decided Jockey's Ridge was a good idea for the afternoon.

Caleb had a minor run in with something "spiky" as he called it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 5 - the lazy day

Well today started off fairly normal until you poked your head outside and were assaulted by the humidity!

We decided to brave the outdoors and headed to Kitty Hawk and were going to go to Jockey's Ridge but after only 5 min outside the 98 degree weather combined with the lack of wind and high humidity just did us all in.

replica - the real one is at the smithsonian in DC which I have already seen

walking back from the flight markers

Walking to the monument

We got this far and refused to walk anymore! Mom took her picture and then we headed back to AC!

Once back at the condo it was just a lazy day 

I read a book and kept an eye on the radar 

Ducks came out when it started to rain

Random picture of a "Brew Through" Kind of interesting concept