God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

More quotes from Vacation 2010

"still out cold" - dad

"fly fishing in a retention pond, really dude?" - scott

"mom has a bunch of chinese children" - matt

"interpreting what?" - dad "your mind" - caleb

"not if my ninja's get them first" - scott

"caleb you saying matt screams like a girl?" -stacey "no he is saying you scream like a guy" - scott

"hey I was watching a daddy long leg" - matt

"I think it was in the spines family" - caleb

"the ocean is also better because if has minerals in it" - mom "and bird crap and fish crap" -caleb

"Hope springs....hope dies" - matt and scott

(sorry no quotes from 8/20)

"why is there no music?" - caleb

setting up the tent on the beach:
"steak anyone?" - mom
"no I prefer chicken" - dad
"Lier" - scott

"You are your own bad radio station" - scott

GPS says arrival 0:00am
"Oh look we shall arrive at no time at all" -scott

"Its the burmuda triangle of roads" -scott

"Its complicated just go with it" - scott (oh fruitland, fruitcake and fruitsnacks will never be the same thanks boys for a great laugh!)

Thats all folks - :D

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denise f said...

Your family is a hoot -- why the Chinese children?