God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

My Goats - The Herd

So from time to time on my blog you may see my refer to my tiny herd of goats.  This is a work in progress herd.

Here are some references to know who I am talking about.

My first registered Nigerian Dwarf goat was Sweet Pea (SP for short)
She is currently the herd queen and the largest goat in the herd.  SP is here to stay and I love her odd personality.  There is something about her, she never gets in my way or creates trouble.  She does love to make my life difficult when I do need to catch her for hoof trimming, temp checking, or giving meds. SP is 4 1/2 years old

I purchased Angie as my first show doe.  She and I learned quite a bit in that first year and she was also my first doe to receive her Grand Champion Junior leg. :D  Angie has a lot of nick names. I call her Gigi which is then shortened to Miss G or just G.   Angie is 2 1/2 years old and the only daughter of Xcell who is now deceased.  She will live here till her dying day. Shhh dont tell the others but Angie is my favorite

Lola was a purchase made back in 2008.  The owner/breeder was the daughter of my friend who didnt really want to sell her but figured if she went to me she could deal with parting with her.  I was estatic to receive such an awesome show goat.  Everything about Lola is just about perfect.  I love her as a show doe but as a pet.....she and I just dont ever see eye to eye.  Lola will be bred and then returning to my friend so she can live out her days with the owner she loves! We see each other at shows and Lola just loves her former owner.  So hopefully Lola will pass on her awesome traits and I can have a doe that fits in better personality wise.  Lola is also 4 1/2 years old

Ziva or Zeev is the 2009 daughter of Sweet Pea.  She was not bred for 2010 and went to the shows this spring taking reserve in one show grand in the other and then best of breed at another.  I couldnt be more proud of my "home grown doe" The personality of Ziva is rather like her mom but more friendly.  Very laid back but for her to be content she likes to have one of my hands touching her.  Ziva will instantly start to chew cud when I start to put her.  I have high hopes for my "little" girl.

Flash Point (aka Spirit) is the grand daughter of Angie.  Spirits mom is Angie's 2009 doe kid.  This doe kid is full of spunk and life.  She too just wants a piece of me at all times.  She is of course a crowd favorite being the smallest of the herd at this time.  I dont know what my plans will be with this little girl but I hope she grows and matures quickly so she can be a productive member of the herd.

Sadie is the newest addition to my herd and the last purchased addition to my herd.  I am hoping she settles in soon and assimilates into the herd.  A beautiful chocolate doe she is the daughter of Fairlea Hamlet *S E.  She has a sweet personality but also very shy.  I hope to work with her on this.  I have high hopes for her in the 2011 show season.

Almon - "Dude" the only buck owned by me is so quiet and reserved you would hardly know he is a buck until rutt season arrives.  Dude is my main man this year for breeding.  He throw lots of beautiful babies from my girls and other's does that I am very pleased to have him in my herd.  One must be very specific when using a buck or owning one.  A buck is half your herd no matter the size.  One buck will influence many more offspring then just one doe.

So there you have it my herd in a nutshell.  Hope to add pictures in the near future so you can put a "face" to the name.

You can also check out all these goats at www.endofthelinefarm.com