God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love at first sight

Ok this girl is Baci (Bah CHee)

She is the most adorable dog yet!!! If I
could have taken her home I would have.

She was an absolute doll on the table!!!

Demo day 1

The teacher Brenda C. did a demo day with some dogs. We were able to do some cutting and clipper but she did most of the finish because these dogs had special patterns we are not familiar with yet.

First is Hershey -- an American Cocker Spaniel

Here is Sophie - a CockaPoo
Brenda is showing us how to do a fluff dry

I was the one to shape her legs, head and ears with scissors :D

School days

So today was day 5 of school and I thought I would do a little back track in pictures.

Yesterday we groomed two dogs and gave a bath to two others (only have pictures for one).

This here is JD. She is a
Boxer mix and aprox 6 months old. She was very good for her bath and blow dry. This was her first time.

This here is Harry before

he wasnt to keen on things at first.

And After

Here is Mandy and my classmate