God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

First show BIG win!

May 29, 2010 was the start to our show season here in NJ and we did it with a bang here with my small herd of goats.

I took 4 does and 1 buck to this show.  So far thats my show string for this year. 

It was a two ring show.

Little Sleepy H Sweet Pea took second and fourth in her class

Noah's Acre's Lola was in the same class as Sweet pea and she took fourth and second

God's Love Farm Angie was in a class of 13 in which she took fourth and eighth.  

My home grown doe daughter out of Little Sleepy H Sweet Pea - End of The Line Charming Ziva took first in both rings out of 14.  She took Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe in ring one and then Received her Junior champion leg by going Grand Champion Junior Doe in Ring 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures coming.... hopefully this week.  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clipped 4 does today

I clipped 4 does for the show on Saturday. :)  Dude is next on the list.  He might be coming home tomorrow.

Ive never clipped a buck before, this aught to be a lot of fun :P  Baths will be in order for the does and especially Dude.

here is End of the Line Charming Ziva -- my first "home grown" doe I have retained :)  She did fairly well with being clipped.  This was her second time being clipped.  It was much easier when she was only 2 months old -- now she is much bigger at 11 months

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Messages from Chocolate -- who know it could be so wise?

(Found these messages on the inside of Dove chocolate)

~ What would you do if you could not fail?~

~ Call a friend and set a date to get together ~

~ You can never go wrong with honesty ~

~ Think without limits ~

~ Enjoy the miracle of friendship ~

~ Share a kind word ~

~ Be the silver lining in another's cloud ~

~ Look for love in unexpected places ~

~ To much of a good thing is wonderful ~

~ Push yourself to do one thing a week outside your comfort zone~

~ Live every day up to your expectations not others ~

~ Share an embarrassing moment with a friend ~

~ Its ok to slow down ~

1 down 9 to go and other goats sold

Well Amaryllis left for her new home and is doing great - got to see her yesterday.  She has two other goat kids who are like a month older then her but she is almost as big as them -- really long legs like her mom.

So now its just 9 more goat kids to go yay.  I love the kiddos dont get me wrong but they are a lot of work and I would like to see them happy in their new homes.

Yesterday I also delivered my last pregnant goat to her new home.  :(  Mocha just never settled in here. She was always an outsider and when a friend told me how much she loved her and wanted to work with her to get rid of her skittish personality I decided that it was best all around due to my crazy June schedule as well she would be kidding when I am possibly away.  So this way my friend will be there when she kids.

I still have all the rights on the kids.  So its a win win.  I am hoping for twin does :D  hey one can dream cant they. ;)

Another new development around here is that Zee has a new home lined up.  When I transport him I can go see Miss Mia! I am super excited about that.  I had to board Mia at this friends place because I dont have the room here.  I have the option to bring her to another friends place so I am shooting that around so that she can be closer.  Need to think of that.  I love that goofy goat.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Warm days

Oh its been so great out -- near 90 yah I know its a bit hot but hey Ill take it over cool weather any day.

Ive taken some walks and hung out with Kash.  Kash needs some extra special attention these days. I am not sure whats up but we are going to cut back his grain intake and see if that helps his jitters.  He spooks at nothing so I know something is up.  My poor baby I just want him back to his old self again.

Goats are doing great -- all kids are growing nicely.  I have to bottle feed a couple but its not real biggy.  I can't wait for the kids to leave though how sad is that.  Its not that I don't like them, I really do.  Now that they are all sold my attachment level changes.  They are all doll babies - well 8 out of the 10 at least.  2 just cant seem to catch on that I am not going to hurt them :(