God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So not expected

Well I arrived to work safely thankfully but the roads were not treated because this precipitation was suppose to be rain!
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feeling like a kid again!

So Im leaving work and mom calls asking when I will be home.  Why I ask?  "Your father wants to go see the fireworks in Camden, want to come?"  I hold back my shrill of delight and say I will be right home.  HEHE I love fireworks!

So we hit lots of traffic and the first couple min we watched them from the road in our vehicle.

 Philadelphia, PA skyline from Camden NJ

 I think this is the Ben Franklin Bridge

feeling of accomplishment

Oh how I love an organized room

My mom gave me the nightstand (use to be in the livingroom and previous to that it was my dad's childhood nightstand)

So I was able to move the roundish thing to the otherside of the room and be useful to get things off my dresser.

My dresser is now clear of goat meds and the like so I can easily access jewery and maybe just maybe wear some.....