God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ahh the days are getting shorter

Now I have to figureout what I can do during the day when it isnt light out. :(

I survive my days at work because I know that I can enjoy the outdoors afterwards but now *snif* I can't.

Along with the days getting shorter I am battling the fall chill. Brrrr!! I know it is only going to get worse but boy I am not liking it already! I think the only good thing about fall is the enjoyment of bonfires. There is nothing like sitting by a fire with your front burning up while your back is chilly. The very best hotdogs are those that are roasted over a bonfire, almost heavenly! There is just something tasty about them being cooked that way.

I am trying to think of other good things about the fall, yet I am coming up short. *sigh*

Yah know I havent been on a hayride in ages, now that would be awesome!

Video of girls

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whats life without one more goat ;)

Hope arrived yesterday afternoon. Angie, Sweet Pea and Mia are not sure what to make of her. She is more attached to people so the poor thing is a little stressed out right now :(

She is beautiful and I love her already. Which of course makes me mad at Mia and Sweet Pea who are being nasty. Time is all she and they need though.

Oh Lord please don't let them act like Jasper did to Angie though! I don't want to have to part with anymore.
Hope is only 5 months old so she won't be bred till fall 2009. I can't wait to show her though in the spring/summer of 2009! I know that Angie turned some heads and I would love for her to do the same.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Spiritual Life

Wow so much to say but nothing to say at the same time. God has been so much at work in my life I don't know where to start.

First off I have to praise Him for His faithfulness to me dispite how I waver in my trust. The fact that God would love little me is just crazy, but he does. And He has worked so much in my heart in the past few weeks to months to encourage me to see myself as He sees me "loved by Him and precious in His sight." That is much easier said then done. It means dieing to ones self -- which is never easy. Allowing God to come in an fill in all the void.

He has placed friends and family in my way every time I try to turn from his loving arms in fear. Why fear love? Because it is an uncertainty, something I can't control. He chose people who just stood their ground and helped me to see that people can love someone like me dispite myself. He has shown me that He loves me through answers to prayer and through continual support through emotional times.

He has also used songs. Especialy "Hope Now" by Addison Road, "You" by Britt Nicole, "Today is the Day" by Lincoln Brewster and a handful of others to sooth my tired and aching soul and give me peace that only He can provide.

My continual prayer is that God would help me to continue to see myself as He does and to remember all the lessons He has taught me in the past week especially, dispite the road ahead.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

video of goats before I sold Jasper and Aspen


"Dancing" Goats


Spiritual Lessons from Nature

While out on an aerobic walk with my dog, Lucky, I spotted what I first thought was a bird. "How strange" I thought as it was dusk. As this unknown flying animal darted here and there I caught a glimpse of it from below against the evening sky and of course it was not a bird but a bat.

Bats are cool creatures in my mind. I got to thinking about bats and how they can't see (well) yet they choose to fly at night, "uh not smart!" at least one would think that, BUT of we know that God has given them something special so that they can navigate through the darkness - Sonar. They send out a sonar signal which bounces off of things and their ears pick up the reverberations and they can find food and no bump into things.

I got to thinking how this can be like our lives. As I try to navigate through the darkness of this world I am blind. Yet with prayer (my sonar) I can "bounce" off of Christ and He then tells me where to go and how to move through the darkness so I don't bump into things (make those dangerous choices in life that can harm me).

Now if the bat chose to one day not use its sonar or to not listen to the reverberations what do you think will happen? Not pretty! Instead of seeing them flitter and flutter through the sky I would have seen the poor bat go "splat." Not a pretty sight.

Same goes for us in our lives. If I chose to not listen to what Christ's answers are or His direction my life will not be pretty. Take that a step further and I can also say what if I instead of using prayer (my sonar), I get my direction from others? (no direct correlation to bats here sorry) I will not receive an accurate reading of what is really happening.

Keep your eyes and heart fixed on Christ, He makes all things beautiful in His time.