God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ahh the days are getting shorter

Now I have to figureout what I can do during the day when it isnt light out. :(

I survive my days at work because I know that I can enjoy the outdoors afterwards but now *snif* I can't.

Along with the days getting shorter I am battling the fall chill. Brrrr!! I know it is only going to get worse but boy I am not liking it already! I think the only good thing about fall is the enjoyment of bonfires. There is nothing like sitting by a fire with your front burning up while your back is chilly. The very best hotdogs are those that are roasted over a bonfire, almost heavenly! There is just something tasty about them being cooked that way.

I am trying to think of other good things about the fall, yet I am coming up short. *sigh*

Yah know I havent been on a hayride in ages, now that would be awesome!