God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whats life without one more goat ;)

Hope arrived yesterday afternoon. Angie, Sweet Pea and Mia are not sure what to make of her. She is more attached to people so the poor thing is a little stressed out right now :(

She is beautiful and I love her already. Which of course makes me mad at Mia and Sweet Pea who are being nasty. Time is all she and they need though.

Oh Lord please don't let them act like Jasper did to Angie though! I don't want to have to part with anymore.
Hope is only 5 months old so she won't be bred till fall 2009. I can't wait to show her though in the spring/summer of 2009! I know that Angie turned some heads and I would love for her to do the same.