God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Monday, March 31, 2008

What an exhilarating day!

Started out with some spring cleaning, oh what a wonderful word – spring. It was beautiful today in the high 50s and eventhough it looked dreary it didn't rain.

Adding to the blessings of the day I was able to go on a horseback ride for a couple hours. Boy how I have missed ridding. My previous work and school schedule made it impossible to do so last year. Even through our slow pace I was able to feel the power of Tennessee as he just gently moved, it was invigerating. Not much better then feeling one with a horse. I can't wait to go riding again. The only missing part was some birds, it tends to get really quiet in those woods where we ride.

At the very end of my day it was capped off at feeding time. I couldn't resist checking for movent of kids as I always do each day usually without much luck. Tonight was different. On each doe I checked I was able to feel kid/s moving! What an experience. No matter how many years I raise goats feeling the miracle of life inside still amazes me. Sweet Peas kid/s were really active still gives me chills oh what a wonderful thing!! Leaves me on cloud 9

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh how I love spring!

Spring has come! The grass is getting greener the goats are getting wider and the fencing is being built. Yup we have some major fence construction going on. Our whole entire yard has to be refenced and my parents decided on picket fencing. It is going to look so nice when finnished but it is going to be a long project till done.

Also in the works is a whole new pen for the goats and an addition on there shelter to make it into a barn. The new pen was started by myself last year but I ran out of steam with no extra man power. So this year my dad said he would help me out if I was willing to give up some of their current pen to give to the dogs. To me it was a nobrainer of a yes. There new pen will be 5 times bigger then their current pen.

Did a round of worming on the goaties today. I checked all their eyelids and there were light pink to very pale depending on the goat. A few of them need a follow up in 7-10 days. I love the never ending stuff about goats, keeps life going. I always wonder where I would be without them, probably not living an enjoyable life thats for sure. They certainly keep me going.

I guess some of you maybe wondering what draws me to goats. That is an honest question. Really it started out as a responsibilty 11 years ago and it grew to a love. Why? because goats dont talk back when you yell at them out of frustration, they don't get mad because you cried the entire time you were milking them. They could careless if you were dressed properly for the day or not as long as you give them a pet and a scratch and the all important grain for the day. They each have a personality that is unique to them. Shy, quiet, reserved, outgoing, bossy, prissy, bratty, just to name a couple. Each goat is more of a friend then an animal.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I guess some background would be good for the beginning.

My six does are: Destiny, Aspen, Mia, Misty, Flicka & Sweet Pea. Jasper is my adorable wether.


All 6 does are pregnant right now and due in less then 6 weeks. They already have cute baby bellies and it is getting me so excited to know what they have.

what does this all mean for me? Means I check each day for the movement of babies. Have you ever felt life move when unborn? It is the most awesome thing ever. Not every time can I feel the kid/s moving but I usualy get to feel it at least once per doe. 5 months takes forever! well of course not forever, but I don't have patience.

Despite my impatience I do enjoy this time. I try to soak in the moments that will pass all to quickly. Right now I am just so happy Sweet Pea is warming up to me after almost 7 months, pregnancy suits her well. ;)

In other news I was thrilled to have won on ebay a beautiful brandnew steal milking stand. This will make trimming hooves so much easier. Ok so how does a milking stand help with trimming hooves you ask? Haha well it is a stand that also has an attachement to restrain their head - basically helps to hold them still and brings them up to my level to reach their hooves. A wonderful contraption that costs over 200.00 but I was able to get for less! It should arrive within the next week. Once it arrives I will add pictures so you can see what I am talking about. Of course it will be useful in the milking of Sweet Pea my miniture dairy goat.