God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1 down 9 to go and other goats sold

Well Amaryllis left for her new home and is doing great - got to see her yesterday.  She has two other goat kids who are like a month older then her but she is almost as big as them -- really long legs like her mom.

So now its just 9 more goat kids to go yay.  I love the kiddos dont get me wrong but they are a lot of work and I would like to see them happy in their new homes.

Yesterday I also delivered my last pregnant goat to her new home.  :(  Mocha just never settled in here. She was always an outsider and when a friend told me how much she loved her and wanted to work with her to get rid of her skittish personality I decided that it was best all around due to my crazy June schedule as well she would be kidding when I am possibly away.  So this way my friend will be there when she kids.

I still have all the rights on the kids.  So its a win win.  I am hoping for twin does :D  hey one can dream cant they. ;)

Another new development around here is that Zee has a new home lined up.  When I transport him I can go see Miss Mia! I am super excited about that.  I had to board Mia at this friends place because I dont have the room here.  I have the option to bring her to another friends place so I am shooting that around so that she can be closer.  Need to think of that.  I love that goofy goat.

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Congrats on the sales!