God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last day

As I type this I am at the airport. Wifi is working for once! ok so I paid for it, but it is working :D

Today also started out late, with brunch at 11:30am. The day was beautiful but a little bit chilly. We arrived at the John Hancock building and entered the observatory at 12:15pm

The view was awesome! We were able to see Moody Bible Institute, take tons of pictures and just enjoy the view. (Pictures soon)

We caught up with a friend and spent the mid afternoon chilling at ING cafe' enjoying hot chocolate and capaccinos and each others company. Caught up on our lives and talked about TV shows we enjoy as well as other stuff.

At 5:30pm we met up with another friend, Miriam whos appartment I was staying in. We had dinner which was really good. After dinner I cut Miriam's hair and then I packed up the remaining articles of clothing, this laptop and headed to the train with Scott my brother.

I am now sitting in Midway airport waiting for my flight. The flight is a continuation flight so the aircraft isnt even at the gate yet. Flight leaves at 9:45pm and arrives in Philadelphia at 12:40am.

I had such a good time here in Chicago and was so happy to enjoy Scotts company as well as some new and old faces while here.

I can't wait to add pictures to all these posts, it will complete the whole experience for you.