God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh am I in heaven?

I was able to go riding yet again this week! This ride was longer and a faster pace. The morning was beautiful it is so hard to describe!

Later on I tried out my new milking stand. None of the girls (or Jasper) were to thrilled with it. I litterally had to pick each goat up and place it on the stand. Misty just about made me loose my sanctification! UGH dumb goat.

But boy did the milking stand save my back..........hmm or did it since I had to pick each one up at around or above 55lbs each! Well it was certainly less of a dance with each goat as I was able to stand and pick up their hooves, trim each one and their head was restrained. Of course they got extra grain to keep them happy while they stood there, if they chose to eat it. Some of them were to worried about trying to get out then eating. I never will understand a goat. *shakes head*

10 days till Aspen and Sweet Pea are due! I can't believe End of The Line Farm's first kids will be on the ground soon! check out my website http://www.endofthelinefarm.com/ These of course are not my very first kids but the first registered kids with my farm name!

I also just made the decision to purchase another registered doe. It is a big decision for me and I still haven't written out the deposit check and mailed it but I hope to do that tomorrow. I am hoping I am making a good decision purchasing her sight unseen. But her picture is so cute and her lines are really good and her kids look awesome. I can't afford to take a trip to NY just to check her out so I have to make this decision based on what I can see via pictures and pedigree. She looks promising and I purchased Sweet Pea sight unseen too and for some reason that wasn't as hard to do as this one. I get excited one moment and then concerned the next. I think the gas price is what is making it so hard. She is 3 hours from me. Oh well I just need to stop worrying. I have prayed about it but not sure about the answer! Oh why can't things just be clear.

Uh oh I am rambling, not good.

Unfortunately that was the end of my beautiful day as work took up the rest of it till now. Tomorrow is another day though and I have lots to do.