God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The All Consuming Job Hunt

So I have two jobs - but I dont make enough (who does right?) and my goal is to move out soon so I need a better paying job! its possible I just need to give up some stuff which is ok but im struggling with it.

See Im spoiled. I can take off basically whenever I want because we all get along and I just switch shifts. I work only 15 from home at one job and 30 min to the other. I work Tuesday through Saturday - combining both jobs. But soon it will be just Wednesday through Saturday.  I love the time off I have and such flexibility.

The problem is I want more hours at my salon job but they dont have hours to give me. And I only get paid hourly minimum wage so 7.25/h 19 hours a week isnt much. Yes I get tips but I work at SuperCuts - not big dollar.

So I started to apply to places last week and today I found craigslist! some how I never saw these listings before but I called places and even went on an interview today. But the place is like 40 min from my house and my dad doesnt like the area its in. :-/ I keep calling places and they either arent hiring or want me to have a book. And I just cant do that coming from SuperCuts (to be hired I had to sign something saying I wouldn't take clients with me - such BS! grr but I wanted the job).

Its so hard not to feel like you want to give up.  Its so hard to be turned down and to keep a smile on.  I hate talking about myself and telling people why they should hire me.  It gets overwhelming.

So tonight I happened across two more listings no following needed! YAY. One is 50 min from my house but closer to where I want to live eventually - thats a plus. And the other is north of me (I want to move south) but it may just be a step up and of course its in a better area so Dad will be happy.

Going to be making more phone calls and dropping off more resumes. I have so many applications and resumes and calls out there I cant keep them straight.

I know the right job will just feel right so Im praying (probably not as committedly as I should be but God knows my heart)

Sorry to ramble its just been consuming me UGH


denise f said...

do you have the AGS judge's manual?

Country at Heart said...

No I dont

Country at Heart said...
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