God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

The adventures of "Kitty Cat"

So it all started one evening at dinner when mom said "we have a problem with mice in the shed" and I followed up with "yah and a mouse problem in the barn."  "we need a cat" mom said.

Off on a search I began - straight to the internet :P  Craigslist is great so I checked for cats needing a home quick and for free etc but everyone wanted me to get two - as if a cat needs a buddy! And some were to young like 5 week olds - to much commitment.

Finally I sort of gave up on Craiglist and wasnt sure where to look - I had put up an add looking for a barn cat, again same kind of results.  Then a month after putting up the add a lady contacts me from Staten Island NY.  She rescues cats from NYC and spays/neuteres them and then rehomes.

We narrowed down to 1 cat and she delivered him to my home yesterday.  Poor thing was scared stiff of the goats, chickens, crickets etc.  Nothing like the city life he was use to!

I placed him in a crate to keep him from running away (we are surrounded by woods) and he didnt seem to happy in there so I let him out a couple times and all he wanted to do was hide.

The goats were snorting at him and not so happy about this new tenant.  Last night he spent the night in an open cage inside the kidding stall.  Poor guy I felt bad so I decided to let him out on a leash, darn those breakaway collars....he got "stuck" under the barn.

I was panicking all day because I didnt know if he would come out when I was around or if he would take off when no one was looking. Each time I checked on him he was still there.  Around dusk I moved his food dish near where he was.  A couple hours later (had to run to pick my little sister up from Girl Scouts) he was nowhere to be found under the barn.  Food was eaten so I feared the worse that he was gone for good :(

I decided to look against hope the he had found his way IN the barn.  And he had!  What a relief.  He seems happy and content hiding behind the buckets of feed.  But soon he will acclimate and now that I know he knows how to get in and out I am not so fearful of him running away.  He obviously know where safety was and went on his own.

Soon this Kitty Cat will have a name.  But I cant seem to find something that suits him.  And no I am not one to name after color.  He is really glossy black with beautiful green eyes!


denise f said...

Have you picked a name yet? Better hurry! We had a stray once that was fluffy, and we referred to her as the "fluffy stray." Eventually she became our fluffy stray, and "Fluffy" stuck -- for ten years!

Country at Heart said...

Nope no name yet -- so far he is just Kitty Cat or KC for short.