God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kitty Cat update

and yes no name yet -- must decide on one soon.

So yesterday I put food in the dish and I hear a cry.  I listen again and call "Kitty Cat" and I hear it again.  He was under the barn and came out when I poked my head down to see.  YAY we made progress :D

So I picked him up and took him inside to the food where he became a happy kitty very fast.

Last night I didnt see him but I figured he was all right.

This morning still no Kitty but food was gone again.

Tonight I called to him, no answer.  Then as I was feeding the girls I see this black head poking up looking at me from outside the barn.  Once done feeding the girls their hay I returned - no cat.  So I called to him as I knelt near the barn where he was hiding.  He came out and was rubbing all over me and of course crying at me like "how could you subject me to those crazy ladies" haha

He then did was I was SO hoping for - he gave me a little purr.  Its not a loud as my deceased Precious' purr.  Hers sounded like her brain was rattling inside her head. but its almost like a growl its very deep.  I was estatic that he purred and I cuddled him (which he didnt like to much) and then fed him again.

He is missing hair on his ears more then when he first arrived.  Will need to treat him with frontline and possibly do some VetRx in/on his ears just in case of mites.

well thats the updated adventures of Kitty Cat.  I think I may just call him KC  what do you think?  oh boy im retarded I know

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Johanna Ellen said...

My cat has that problem on her ears and nose - mites the solution: tea tree oil. the cat's HATE the smell of it but it works. i put it on my cat and give her a dish of milk, that way she still thinks I'm nice!