God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goat Nerds Talking

So a couple nights ago as always a dear friend and I were conversing over IM and she says "take a look at this link."

And yadda yadda about the one goat so Im like "ok I'll bite let me take a look"

Im impressed so I tell her -- "You seem really to like her, you getting her?"

I dont remember the response but somehow it comes around to me emailing the breeder asking for more information and waiting anxiously for a response, hardly sleeping and now today I am the soon to be owner of God's Love Farm H Sadie come November when I go to visit my friend at Phoenix Rising Farm in MA.  :laugh:

She is BLACK :drool: :shades:

and later I look back at the listing and realize she is Blue eyed too. :shocked: (yah I know its pretty obviously displayed on the listing :hammer: I think I was to enamored by her udder :roll: :oops: )

I have been wanting a black goat since I sold my black doe Jbug to maple hill farm tina.

This NJ girl is just a sucker for black and I have wanted an all black goat since I sold my unregistered one back like 5 years ago and WOW she just fell into my lap and I wasnt even looking. Love how that happens. Sadie's FF udder is very nice and I am pleased with the udders and body structure of other does with some of her same pedigree. So I know she is a solid doe all around despite her small size.
She was a good mother, good milker and udder milks down nicely. So with all that for her how could I resist? :angelgoat: :devilish:




PS after our FB status messages back and forth my brother calls us the Goat Nerds :ROFL:

(copied from my forum www.thegoatspot.net)

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Verde Farm said...

She's a beauty! I so know how this happens. I've done the exact thing with dogs and donkeys and my BFF. It's just meant to be. Happy for you and your new gal, you goat nerd you :)
Amy at Verde Farm