God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking back

Day off -- what to do? Sort through memories.

See I was given the pleasure of being homeschooled for 12 years. For some of those years my mother had us put together what was dubbed "lap packs" (dont ask me why :P ) where we compiled that months work into a cool collage of flaps and such.

I realized just how into it I got as I went back through this material. I can't believe the detailed some of my projects were. Some of the lap packs were intricately put together as well.

I am still SIGNIFICANTLY grateful for the invention of the computer and SPELL CHECK! I have already used it more then 5 times in the past 5 sentences *blushes* yah mom tried really hard but it never sunk in. I did spelling till I graduated highschool and looking through my tests I needed it! Sad I know

Another cool thing is my writing projects. Thats basically all I am saving out of all this stuff. I loved to write (despite my spelling issues) and still do. Some of the things I wrote about are funny, some serious, some just school motivated (reports on places like Germany would not be on my list of fun things to do). I saw a writing project labeled September 11, 2001 and I haven't had the heart to read it just yet. It was written when the whole tragedy was still fresh in my heart and I know it will carry emotion and something such a tender heart should never had to witness.

Maybe I will retype some of them up and post them here -- who knows.

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