God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Breeding time

Anyone else tired of winter yet? What can one do to enjoy the days that seem to drag on and on its so frustrating. So far our winter hasnt been to terrible though. Snow has been minimal and there have been some breif moments of warmth. Take yesterday, what a beatiful day it was. The dogs and goats seemed to enjoy my company as I soaked up the natural warmth and the sunshine.

Some more things to boost my spirits include the successful breeding of two does and the possible breeding of a third. Lola and Angie were bred to an awesome buck, Luthor, and will kid in May (or there abouts). Sweet Pea was also bred to Luthor but it is uncertain if she will settle or not.

Speaking of Lola, she came home on Wednesday the 21st. I was so thrilled to have her now a part of the herd. She is such a special addition. So far she is bonding with myself and I am in love with her, what a darling. And because I am spoiling her she is already becoming a brat. hehe, I can't help myself.

What a blessing the larger pen and new barn has been. My girls have plenty of room to run and play and sleep. It was a long time in coming and isn't finnished yet but a blessing so far none the less.

I was able to work on my website www.endofthelinefarm.com and updated everything and put up pedigrees for the girls, now breeding schedule page etc. I enjoy putting the time into it now because once spring hits and then kidding season I wont have the time to put into it. I am just hoping that I can sell kids easily again this year. With going mostly registered I don't have the same market that I have had in the past with breeding pets. But with going to shows and all hopefully my name gets out there and the goats do well.

I have high hopes for Angie this year -- she has the pedigree to back her up, she just needs to show herself off and have an udder that beats all! (litterally)