God displayed in His mighty creation

God displayed in His mighty creation
double rainbow at my house spring 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well my camera was "injured" over the summer so I rarely use it.  Ok so a camera cant be injured but its just not functioning at its peek performance since being drowned in a bucket of goat milk :P

At the beginning of this month I brought home Sadie but I dont have any new pictures of her :/

I also have had my boy Dude home a couple times to start the breeding season.  I need to work on updated pictures.

So far I have Lola bred to Dude and hopefully to Sweet Pea as well.  My friends buck Sampson is bred to Sadie and Ziva.  I am stoked to have kiddos due in less then 5 months!!  Soon I can just relax and wait.

The fall has been beautiful and nope I don't have pictures of that either :(

I think tomorrow I will be purchasing a new camera so I can have more picture posts - because we all know a picture speaks a thousand words.


Verde Farm said...

How exciting. Making spring even sweeter. What kind of goats do you breed? Do you sell your babies?

Verde Farm said...

I just read your website--the goats are adorable. You breed them for milk? Just wondering what kind of temperament they have? I am really wanting to add a pair of goats in the spring and just trying to figure out the right breed for us to share with children?
Thanks, Amy :)

Country at Heart said...

Yup I sell kids I choose not to retain. I love the milk amount that I get from the small breed its quite a bit for their size. Nigerians are a great breed - small, affectionate and easy to handle. I love the versatility of them as well as the erasability of selling the kids especially wethers. I enjoy showing them too. My buck is such a love and though he stinks to high heaven during the fall/winter he never is aggressive or to hard to handle.

denise f said...

Oh, no! I've missed your postings and your pics! Dang cameras -- ;I guess you should look into a water ...err .... milk proof one!